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About Modern Brands

Modern Brands is the exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand of world leading retail brands. Formerly known as Modern Teaching Aids, Modern Brands has been supplying quality toys to retailers for 20 years. Our experienced team of sales representatives are located across Australia and New Zealand. Our portfolio of toy brands continually delivers some of the best quality toys from all over the world.

Product Categories

Our range includes Nursery, Infant/Preschool, Outdoor & Sports, Craft, Games, Puzzles, Wooden Toys, Doll Houses & Furniture, Activity Toys, Soft Toys, Child Electronics, Vehicles, Learning Toys & Games, Gifts, Figurines, Science Activities and much more.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

We've taken a number of steps to improve our operations and optimise the way we move into the future. ISO certification is an internationally-recognised quality management system, and is found in only highly efficient organisations that make a commitment to continual improvement. We look forward to moving into a future in a more efficient, professional and friendly manner, serving more customers with a product that will continue to increase in its quality.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

As a responsible supplier of a wide range of education resources, we are actively interested in the environment and the wider community we live in. We have been recognised for our commitment to minimise our environmental impact and are internationally accredited with ISO 14001 certificate. As a customer of Modernbrands, you are buying from a supplier that has the highest environmental policies and certifications in place.