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Menus and Navigation

Top Menu

Use the top menu to find information and functions related to your account. Whether you want to paste in a spreadsheet for your order, track where your order is up to or retrieve a shopping cart, the top menu will display information unique to your account. You can also choose to search all products on the website from the top menu. Note that account information is available to those customers who have registered to use Modern Brands online and to sales representatives.

Product Menu

The Browse Categories menu on the left will expand to show subcategories when you place your mouse over a category or subcategory you are interested in. Click to open the catalogue browser page for that category from where you can choose to either go down a level or browse the products that are shown. Products can exist in more than one category but on each product information page it will show you where else in the navigation that product can be found. If you can not locate a product try the simple search box in the top menu.

Footer Menu

At the very bottom of each page you will find the footer menu where company information and services can be located. If you'd like to book a rep visit, information about these and other services is located here. Here you will find links to subscribe to our eNewsletter. You will also find this Help File and other means to get assistance from Modern Brands.

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Customer Sign In

Retailers that have a customer number and are registered to use the Modern Brands Netstore, may sign in from the Modern Brands homepage (www.modernbrands.com.au) or the top menu of the site. Sign in with your registered customer number and password to access your account details and make purchases.

If you are a Modern Brands customer but have not registered to browse and buy online using your centre account, please do so by contacting Customer Service on 0800 606 025. We apologise for this manual registration process however we want to ensure the safety of our customers account information and will verify that you are authorise to purchase on behalf of your store before allowing you to do so online.

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Shopping Cart

Select the Add to Cart button to add your selected to products to a virtual shopping cart. Then simply click the "View Cart" button in the top right of your screen to see the products you've added and a total for your order. From within your cart page you can; alter the quantities ordered, add a line of text to each order line to describe what that order line relates to, recalulate your cart totals, delete products, email or print the shopping cart and see any applicable discounts. In addition, you can set a forward despatch date or select alternative payment methods to your account.

Registered customers have the option of paying with alternative methods to their school account. These are:

Credit card payments
You can choose to pay with up to five different cards.

Tikes Direct Voucher payments
If you have elected to participate in the Tikes Direct Initiative and are registered as a Little Tikes Service Centre, then you can use any fundraising vouchers you have accrued to pay for your order.

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Checkout and Payments

When you are ready to complete your order click the Checkout button. Your order will be processed automatically using your account and your registered shipping address.

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Order Tracking and Payments

From the top menu you can select to search both orders and back orders. Immediately you will be able to see the status of your order. You can also look at previous orders and copy those into a fresh cart if you would like to reorder the same items. Should you have any problems with your order or shipment please contact our friendly Customer Service team on 0800 606 025 quoting the order number from this screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a customer account with Modern Brands to access the online store?
Yes. You must hold an account with Modern Brands and have registered your store to login. To register your store please call 0800 606 025.

Does it matter what Internet Browser I use?
No, this website will work with most modern web browsers.

Do I need Broadband?
Although it is not necessary to have broadband to access this website, it is highly recommended.

Do I need any particular settings on my computer?
This website needs cookies and Javascript to be enabled in your web browser, most web browsers will do this by default.

I have forgotten my password?
From the homepage you can select the Forgotten your ID or password? link and you will be guided through a process to recover your password.

When I enter my username and password I get a message User is inactive what is happening?
You have had a number of unsuccessful logon attempts and we have temporarily deactivated your account. Please contact our customer service team on 0800 606 025 to have your account reset.

I am a Modern Brands customer, how do I buy products online using my account?
To sign in in as a customer you will need a special website username and password. You might have already been sent these along with some ecoupons. If not, simply call our friendly Customer Service team on 0800 606 025, and they will verify that you are the account holder and will supply you with a username and password.

I would like to give my staff access to create Shopping Carts but I do not want them to process orders?
You are only allowed one Netstore account so all orders must be placed by the account holder.

I have more than one childcare centre each of which has a different account number, do I need several sign ins?
No. If you have several stores we can link them all to a single sign in, you will be asked to select the store you wish to work with after you sign in.

Is the complete Modern Brands range available online?
Yes. Our website gives you access to all products plus some back catalogue items as well.

If I register for access online can I still place orders by telephone email and fax?
Yes. You can still place orders in whatever manner is most convenient for you.

Is there any difference in terms and conditions between placing orders online and placing them by phone, fax or email?
Yes. Purchasing online makes it quicker and easier. You may also receive special discounts and promotions by pruchasing online. NB: Conditions apply such as whether the quantity orders meets the quantity break and if there is a special promotion on the product at the time of ordering.

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Can I pay with Tikes Direct fundraising vouchers?
As a registered 'Little Tikes Service Centre' customer you can pay with e-vouchers, fundraising vouchers, up to 5 credit cards or your school account. To check if you have any vouchers available go to the Account Information item on the top menu and click on "Fundraising Vouchers".

I have lost my connection to the Internet or closed the website by accident. I have returned to the site but my cart is not there, can I recover the cart?
Yes. Simply go to Saved Shopping Carts from top menu and you will find your cart saved for you. It may have a warning saying another user may editing the cart, this is normally because the connection was terminated. It is safe to click the edit the button next to the cart and continue shopping.

I have completed an order and the screen showed me an order number, how do I know the order has been received?
You can use the Order Search function, which will show you all historical orders plus the one you have just submitted, it will even show you it's status in our system.

I have placed an order over the telephone, email or fax can I still track it's progress online?
Yes. All orders are viewable and traceable online, irrespective of how those orders were entered onto our system.

Can I place orders for items that are showing as out of stock?
Yes. These products will be created as back orders and will ship to you when they become available.

I have submitted an order online and would now like to change the order, can I do this?
No. Once an order has been submitted it cannot be changed. The only parts of an order that can be changed are if products are on back order. In this case you can remove or reduce the number of products you have requested.

I have ordered a number of items that were all in stock, yet when I print or email the order confirmation after I have completed the order all of the lines show LATE next to them. What does this mean?
If all lines show LATE at this stage it is generally because an account is on hold because it is over its credit limit or payments are overdue. Please contact our Customer Services team on 0800 606 025.

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Ask A Question

Of course there are probably more questions to be answered. If you have one, we'd love to hear from you, so we can make our site better for everyone.
Simply phone our Customer Services team on 1800 675 772

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